There's an update today in the next chapter for local/national celebrity chef Chris Cosentino, whose flagship restaurant Incanto closed earlier this year and transitioned into something more neighborhood-y. As we'd gathered earlier, Cosentino laid claim to the former Zuppa space at 564 4th Street in SoMa, and now Eater has some details via a just-leaked memo on the project from the designer. First off, it will be called Cockscomb.

Cosentino has hired the firm Celano Design Studio to fill Cockscomb with items that are true to Cosentino's New England roots, and specific passions. Thus you can expect "a lot of elements inspired by graffiti and biking and some reclaimed wood planking... [as well as] a balcony made from an old wooden ship (featuring the restaurant's rooster logo), taxidermied animals, chandeliers made from reused bike chains, and pendant lights made from old fisherman's nets."

Food-wise, it's going to be an "approachable dining and bar experience" with cocktails, a raw bar, likely some New England-inspired stuff, and some of the offal-driven dishes from Incanto.

They're aiming for a late fall opening, around November or December.

Stay tuned for more.