Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it will extend its commenting period on net neutrality through September 15.

As SFist previously reported, comments were set to close on July 15, but due to website issues, the FCC has pushed back the deadline. So now's the time (and maybe really the last opportunity) to tell the FCC that allowing broadband companies to charge websites in exchange for faster service lanes would effectively end the democratic Internet. You can comment here.

If you've already submitted a comment, well, you're one of 1.1 million strong. As TechCrunch reports, the top mentions in comments include Comcast (4,613), free speech (2,322), and Netflix (1,903).

The FCC has released the comments here, promising it'll review each and every one as it considers Chairman (and former telecomm lobbyist) Tom Wheeler's proposal to allow websites to strike "commercially reasonable" deals with broadband companies — meaning profitable sites can pay to prioritize their traffic ahead of small fish in the Internet sea.

You can also email the FCC at [email protected] Once the commenting period closes, a full commission will vote on the proposal before the end of the year.