Minnesota-based matchmaker Kailen Rosenberg — who can be seen, amidst many jump-cuts, discussing her trade and her recent book Real Love, Right Now in the video above — is coming to San Francisco next month in a quest to find a wife for one motivated millionaire. If you are 5' 7" or shorter, educated, Jewish or Buddhist, and have a "free and happy spirit," you might just be the right gal for this mystery man.

Rosenberg is kind of like a nicer, less abrasive, Midwestern version of Patty Stanger, and she gave an interview to SF Weekly in which she speaks generally about the state of the world, and how we're all broken, and how we all just need to know and love ourselves more. Because, as RuPaul says, "If you can't love yourself how the hell are you going to love someone else (can I get an amen?)."

We're living, as you can see, with all the war and all the crap going on, in a really broken world. And my belief is that our world is broken because as people we're broken. That has to do with how well we were loved, and how well we love and know ourselves. If we don't love ourselves we can't love on each other in a genuine way... My heart's hope is to bring the divorce rate down, see more soul-mates truly connect, and to see happier healthier people and fewer broken homes. It's almost more that I'm matching people with themselves than introducing them to someone else, which in the end happens as well, which is nice, but to me it's the cherry on top. Seeing my clients finally fall in love with themselves and meet themselves and be happier than they've ever been in their life—that to me is success.

As for the mystery millionaire, he's apparently in his 50s, 5' 9", wealthy, but lives in a modest home and drives a Prius. He's a wine lover, and loves to travel, and he seems to think that the Bay Area has the perfect pool of women to start with. Why? "He felt that the Bay Area has women who are well educated, sophisticated, but also very down to earth and spiritual, just a beautiful blend of women."

You hear that Bay Area? You have a beautiful blend of women.

Rosenberg is taking online applications now on behalf of her client, and she'll be flying out here after Labor Day to conduct in-person interviews.

And did I mention she's friends with Oprah?

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