The little bar at the intersection of the Mission and Potrero Hill, Mission Hill Saloon, was robbed at gunpoint late Friday night, early Saturday, right as they were doing last call. As Mission Local reports, three masked and armed suspects entered the bar at 1:45 a.m., told everyone to get on the floor, and then robbed the cash register, tip jar, and several patrons, one of whom lost a purse. In total, there were about 10 people still drinking in the bar at that hour.

Two suspects reportedly guarded the patrons, keeping them on the floor, while one emptied the register. They told one guy to empty his pockets of cash, grabbed a purse and a few credit cards, and escaped in a maroon four-door sedan.

As SFPD spokes-officer Albie Esparza tells it, "One of the victims reported that they were standing there and then all of a sudden someone came in yelling for them to drop to the ground."

The bar, which was originally called Mission Hill Saloon and has gone back to that name, has recently gone through brief incarnations with a couple more unique names: Sadie's Flying Elephant, and The Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee, both of which I think are private jokes.

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