Officer Chris Kohrs, a.k.a. The Hot Cop of Castro, is participating in a contest for charity next Monday that will involve him wearing something skimpy and having buckets of ice thrown on him. Did it just get a little nipply in here?

It's called the Ice Bucket Challenge, and tickets are $30, and it's a benefit (aimed at the gays) for the Officer Down Memorial Fund, via the San Francisco Police Officers Association. Supervisor Scott Wiener will be there, along with Kohrs and some of his more adoring fans, and this is all happening at The Cafe (2369 Market Street) on August 18th at 6 p.m.. And yes, it's basically a one-man wet-t-shirt contest. Get tickets here.

The fund is a national one, providing support to the families of officers who are killed in the line of duty. (And this is not to be confused with the ice bucket challenge currently going around Facebook that's actually a drive to spread awareness of ALS.)

And, as the Castro Biscuit notes, the biggest donors of the evening will get some sort of "special opportunity" to like, remove Kohrs shirt or something.

Way to give back, Officer Chris.

Update: The event organizers have just reduced the general admission price to $5 so more people can attend, but donations are still encouraged.

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