Both delight and curmudgeony complaint could be heard across the social webs last evening as Mr. and Mrs. Knowles' AT&T Park concert echoed across much of San Francisco. In the first night of a two-night engagement, Beyoncé and Jay-Z put on what many say was a fantastic show, and what some say was just too damn loud and who are these people anyway and how come I can hear it from Noe Valley.

For those confused, Queen Bey is the reigning diva of the current pop culture firmament whose every sneeze and chuckle is recorded for posterity on a celebrity blog. Her husband, Jay-Z a.k.a. Shawn Carter, is a hip-hop icon and also wildly successful and famous, and maybe they're getting divorced, and if you're still confused then I'm afraid you spent the entire last decade watching too much KQED.

Bey and Jay are currently, for the first time, putting on their first joint road show as a couple, and the Mercury-News, for their part, called the show "maddeningly mediocre" and says "fell well short of its seemingly vast potential." Yikes. Sorry everyone who paid hundreds of dollars for tickets! (Though ardent Beyoncé fans were likely ecstatic and satisfied nonetheless.)

Below, the varied Twitter reaction from last night, including ABC 7's very sad tweet at the bottom.