As you know, we've been covering Bay Area billionaire Tim Draper's demented plan to split California into six pieces since it was first announced in 2013, and we've been hoping a broadcast smarty like Stephen Colbert would take him on nearly as long. Last night we got our wish, as Draper, his suspiciously matte-black mop, and his remarkable eyebrows visited Colbert's set to explain his program, which could likely be on the 2016 ballot.

(As long as we're discussing Draper's appearance, we were happy to see that he was wearing Chron scribe Joe Garofoli's favorite tie, the same Six Californias logoed neckwear Draper wore wore at a press conference last week.)

Stick around to the end of the interview for perhaps the highlight, when Colbert asks Draper if he wants to be a Senator from or the Governor of one of these new states.

"No no no no" Draper says, "I'm leaving it up to Californians."

"Oh! You're just going to set the charges, blow it apart, then say 'not my fucking problem?'" Colbert asks disbelievingly.

Draper's response? That's what is screengrabbed in the image above. Hilarious!

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