A couple in a kayak, in the waters off Puerto Madryn, Argentina, paddled up to a family of whales sunning themselves, and got them on video. This might not be so remarkable, except that they got so close that their kayak actually got lifted out of the water by one of these huge creatures. And they had a waterproof camera that they dip under the water to get a better look at the whales.

It's a lesson in what to do if you are ever in a similar situation, which is not likely: Do nothing, and wait for the whale to let you down.

Per the YouTube description (in case you know Argentinian Spanish):

una tarde increible, mucho sol, kayak y ballenas. Mientras mirabamos desde arriba del kayak, una de las ballenas si dio vuelta y se vino hacia nuestra dirección y nos levanto la embarcación dos veces!!!! terrible, todo en este video!!!

Note that "terrible" is the equivalent of "terrific" or "amazing" in Argentine slang, as some Redditors point out, kind of like the American use of "sick."

[YouTube via Reddit]