Not to be confused with that creepy private-equity executive posing as a TSA agent at SFO or the San Francisco man acting like a police officer to sexually assault women, this new impostor claims to be a park ranger in Marin County.

As the Chronicle reports, Marin County authorities know of at least two recent instances when a white, "very fit" man in his 40s approached hikers in the Blithedale Summit Open Space Preserve between Mill Valley and Corte Madera and called himself a ranger under the name "Dave Stevenson.” He has allegedly been seen kicking dogs, taking photos of women with his phone, and giving out false information about park rules regarding dogs.

He is reportedly between 5-foot-10 and 6 feet tall with short salt-and-pepper hair, wears biker clothing, and rides a black mountain bike. All Marin Open Space rangers wear uniforms.

The Marin County Parks department requests that anyone with information call (415) 473-2816.