What might Kink.com be able to do with all their real estate if they high-tail it to Las Vegas as they're threatening to? Well, one income stream may come from letting Hollywood rent space for film shoots. A rep for Kink confirms that the aforementioned earthquake disaster flick San Andreas, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kylie Minogue, is shooting in the Armory today, but the SF Film Commission tells us that The Rock is not, in fact, on set. He was here briefly on Sunday but was not shooting, and he was not here yesterday either despite the fact that the crew was shooting on Hyde Street with a bunch of extras "covered in blood and grime." Nice.

As the Chron reported, in addition to blocking off seven blocks on Russian Hill, they've done scenes at AT&T Park and Fisherman's Wharf.

The Rock was in New York shooting The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon yesterday wherein he and Jimmy made a retro exercise video. However, he's supposed to be back this weekend and will likely be on set Saturday at Clay and Taylor Streets on Nob Hill, and again on Sunday at Grant and Bush, and/or at 555 California Street.

Meanwhile, local scribe Camper English posted this photo on Facebook, and he and friends are having a captioning contest in relation to the movie. Examples: "Will Fake Quake Make Rock Roll" and "After Sex Studio Closes, Shaking Johnson Remains."

But, for all you Kylie Minogue fans, she might be over at the Armory right now! We have no confirmation of that.


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