"Have you guys seen some of these episodes?" asks Benu chef Corey Lee when chef Daniel Patterson and his wife Alexandra make their first stop on a Vice tour at his restaurant. "You guys should be totally f**ked up by now!" But, Patterson's tour of the city is a little less debaucherous than some of the other Vice Munchies segments.

Watch as he and Alexandra, along with two of his business partners Ryan Ma and Jeff Sarver, have drinks at Patterson's other S.F. restaurant Alta CA, where they meet up with Scribe vintner Andrew Mariani and they all head together to Kin Khao for some Thai food. And more cocktails. Then they head back to Oakland to Patterson's former restaurant Plum, which recently underwent a makeover as a Japanese restaurant that's now called Ume.

Also, there's some pretty food porn at the beginning of the video showing dishes being plated at Patterson's flagship Coi, which we were just talking about yesterday in relation to their new ticketing system.


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