This post is brought to you by Urban Remedy.

The juice cleanse is something often mistaken for a juice "fast," a starvation method meant to serve no real purpose. But the fact is, juice cleanses are meant to be health food—and there's nothing healthy about starving yourself, right? Instead of punishing yourself with high sugar juice cleanses from other brands or (worse yet) $4 "juice" from the deli down the street, try something that'll actually make you happy when you drink it.

Urban Remedy is a certified organic juice and food company that's been making a name for itself for a couple reasons: there's a regimen for everyone, the juices are gorgeous and vibrant in color, and the flavor combinations are actually delicious. There's nothing "health food" about what you're getting despite it actually being health food; it's just really, really tasty.

Try the Flush, made with mint, ginger, apple and lemon. Maybe dabble in Urban Remedy's interpretation on that classic LA cleanse, this one made with cayenne, lemon, acai, and Stevia. If savory's more your thing, try the Brainiac, mixed from cucumber, celery and lemon with a punch of green from spinach and parsley.

If your diet is in such a state that you'd like to go beyond juice, well, Urban Remedy has something for that, too. Order a Wellness Kit for Beauty, Longevity, or Metabolism and receive a program of juices and teas meant to take your health to the next level. You'll receive a mix of juices, supplements, teas, and meals full of certified organic whole foods and nutrition that taste better than anything you'd ever get from your $14 office lunch.

Feeling indecisive? Try some products a la carte and see what's really calling your name. Just a guess, but you should probably start with the raw, vegan, and grain-free brownies, no-oatmeal cookies, or créme caramel with sweet and salty candied almonds as an introduction to the tasty potential of healthy eating. But if you're being responsible—and of course you are!—you should round it out with some actual sustenance in the form of delicious salads, zucchini fettuccine pesto, spring rolls, or cheesy kale chips.

If you have special dietary needs, no worries! Urban Remedy is low glycemic, raw, vegan and gluten free--not to mention, they're opening a brand new store in San Francisco soon. There are obviously a lot of reasons to try Urban Remedy over all the others, but see why a certain supermodel icon chose it in the video below!