Been feeling a little sticky lately? Weird, right? This week's odd, unseasonal mugginess has prompted some talk of "earthquake weather" on Facebook, and has been the result of a not uncommon "monsoonal flow" of moisture coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. It should be fading today and tomorrow, with a dry and warmer weekend ahead. Humidity is at 66 percent in downtown San Francisco today, with a typical level for July being more like 40 percent, and that's why you've probably been sweating more than usual, despite some overcast and foggy skies.

The sun should break through this afternoon and it should turn into a warmish, still slightly sticky, 65- to 70-degree, July-in-SF day. Saturday and Sunday, though, should dry off and warm up a few more degrees with a few more hours of sun, enough for a little bit of outdoor basking, barbecuing, or hiking.

It should be noted that it's Sommerfest this Sunday at the Tourist Club in Muir Woods, one of the few days of the year when the public is welcomed to come party at this Germanic private club buried deep in the redwood forest. Go have a beer, and you can thank me later.