Burger King scored a potentially viral advertising hit — at least among left-wing beef eaters — with this new video about the "Proud Whopper," which was launched as a limited promotion at a single location in San Francisco, right in the middle of S.F. LGBT Pride weekend.

The "Proud Whopper," wrapped in a branded rainbow wrapper, is actually just a regular Whopper in a rainbow wrapper, but confused LGBT patrons in the video all give it a try and are at first convinced that there is something special — perhaps "sweeter" — about its ingredients.

Then one customer unfurls and reads the whole burger wrapper and sees that it says, "We Are All the Same Inside," and gets the joke. The video, shot at the Civic Center Burger King at Market and Hyde Streets in San Francisco over the weekend, just appeared online on Burger King's YouTube channel this morning.

Burger King employed the Brazil- and Miami-based ad agency DAVID for the campaign, as the NY Daily News reports, likely in an effort to boost sales and gain visibility in at least one demographic. As many have reported, fast food sales at all traditional fast-food outlets like BK have been flagging in recent years, with the business being usurped by upstart, and ostensibly healthier chains like Chipotle and Panera Bread.

The "Proud Whopper" is still on sale at this Burger King location in San Francisco through tomorrow, Thursday, July 3. If the chain has their way, many of you will Instagram yourselves with it before then.

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