Over the weekend, the Chronicle launched its newly combined Food + Home section, and though Eater got a little over-zealous in its announcement of the news about the stand-alone food section's death, it didn't die so much as become part of a bigger section, and the paper touted the additions of Jonathan Kauffman (as new full-time staff) and former SF Weekly/Chow.com writer John Birdsall (who's contributing). Today, we learned that they're also launching a chef-driven video series as part of this multimedia launch, but, sadly, they've decided that this should live behind the subscriber firewall. I guess they don't want anyone on the internet to actually see it.

In the trailer, they talk with chefs from the Top 100 Restaurants pool—including Russell Moore from Oakland's Camino and Boulevard's Nancy Oakes—about some dining trends like the loss of tablecloths. But it's unclear if this series will all just be interviews like this, or what.

[Inside Scoop SF]