You may the earlier reported news that the popular, Caltrain-adjacent bistro Marlowe was facing a developer's wrecking ball in the coming year or so. Well, restaurateur Anna Weinberg, who's gone on to expand her empire with Park Tavern and The Cavalier, announced today that she and partners James Nicholas and Jennifer Puccio are picking up and moving the business one block away, to 500 Brannan Street—the space currently home to Loretta Keller's Coco500.

Making reference to the ultra-hip Venice Beach neighborhood, Weinberg says she wants to give the new space an "Abbot Kinney-feeling" with patio seating, a late-night menu, brunch, and, perhaps inspired by 4505 Burgers & BBQ, a walk-up burger window.

The space will also give Marlowe a full liquor license and twice as many seats. Chef Puccio says she plans to keep at least one of Keller's signature dishes on the menu as a tribute to her—batter-fried green beans, anyone?

Coco500 holds a permanent spot on Michael Bauer's Top 100, and resides in a 1906 wood building at the corner of Brannan and Third Street. Keller has had a restaurant in the space for over 20 years, opening the acclaimed Bizou there in 1993, and later rebranding and transforming it into Coco500 in 2005. She's gone on to be hired by the Academy of Sciences to open the Moss Room, and subsequently to run the new cafe and SEAGLASS restaurant at the Exploratorium.

Nicholas, who is also Weinberg's husband, says in a statement that "It was one of those great right time, right space deals." He adds, "Loretta has always been a friend, so we knew she was getting insanely busy with the Exploratorium and wanted to spend more time with family in Los Angeles. It worked out for everyone." Nicholas adds that the space hold a special place in his and his wife's hearts, since they had their first date in San Francisco there.

I've reached out to clarify with the team when Coco500's official closing will be, and when (and for how long) Marlowe may be closed during the relocation.

Look for Marlowe 2.0 to open in October 2014.

Update: The team says that Marlowe will be closed for no more than two weeks, on or around September 15. Coco500's last day will be July 9.

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