Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer, about twice a year, has to remind his readers that he does not, in fact, weigh 300 pounds, and that despite his occupation, he maintains a svelte figure.

Today he tells us on the blog that he's even more fit and trim thanks to his Jawbone UP wristband, and we're sure that the S.F.-based Jawbone is thrilled with the endorsement — after it sounds like they either sent him one, or he "received" one as a gift.

Bauer says the movement-tracking wristband has "brought activity front and center" for him, and, in addition to his morning treadmill routine, he now takes more walks, climbs stairs, parks his car farther from his front door, and does a full-hour walking on the treadmill instead of 40 minutes. Over the last year, he's lost 11 pounds, which he recently discovered by surprise on a doctor's visit because he doesn't generally weigh himself.

Also, since almost everyone loves cute dogs, here's a new photo of his adorable dog Sheba, looking over the fence at him at one of his new favorite spots, Farmshop in Larkspur. Sheba, as longtime fans know, is the daily recipient of bits of the finest protein leftovers from restaurants across the Bay Area, making her probably the luckiest dog in all of Northern California. And, says Bauer, she "also maintains a svelte figure through exercise and her Brittney [sic] genes."


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Photo: Michael Bauer