That series of suspicious fires, likely all started by the same individual and typically centering around construction sites in SoMa, continued over the weekend with four fires on Sunday including three in SoMa and one in the Mission. The first site, at 222 Howard, is a half-built building, where a small fire was set at one corner. Another fire was set a few hours later on Mission near Saint Patrick's church, and two more fires were set in newspaper boxes in SoMa around 11 p.m. Sunday.

The BMW fire in the garage at One Rincon Hill last week may also be linked, and ABC 7 notes that that is also partly a construction site, as Tower Two, above that garage, remains under construction.

Sunday's fires caused minimal damage.

Prior to these, the most recent fires last week occurred near a construction site at First and Folsom, and there was also another in the Mission, at 16th and Hoff. Several have been set in dumpsters.

Though there was no security on site at the most recent blaze, there is security camera footage, and a joint investigative force from the police and fire departments is working on tracking down this active firebug. As always, if you see the guy (or woman), you can call the SFPD's anonymous tip line at 415-575-4444, or text a tip to TIP411 with “SFPD” in the message.

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[ABC 7]