Jason Buzi, the millionaire Bay Area Real Estate Investor with a sketchy past and a viral, free money Twitter account continued his feelgood PR campaign this week. On Monday, Buzi called in to AC360 via satellite to chat with Anderson Cooper about his charity treasure hunt game and where he sees it going in the future.

When asked by Cooper why he feels the need to give away money, Buzi repeats his party line: he and others involved in the project have "done well" and the project is not meant to replace charity, but is instead, "a fun way to give back to the community." Regarding his outing by Inside Edition, the self-proclaimed publicity-averse Buzi doesn't seem fazed. Only slightly bummed that he has to resort to having others make the drops for him.

Now that this social experiment has hit an international stage, Buzi made sure to let Cooper know, "I want to announce, Anderson, on your show, that this week we're expanding. This weekend we will be in Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, New York City— a few drops in New York City, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn— and Mexico City. We actually have plans beyond this to do Paris, London and Madrid all by the first week of July."

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