Despite a public shaming on KRON4, Oakland Mayor and Brooklyn fan Jean Quan apparently can't put down her pink iPhone long enough to make it through the week. When it comes to using the hands-free system in her Toyota Prius, Quan lied.

When confronted by intimidating local newsman Stanley Roberts earlier this week, Quan claimed she was always sure to use "hands-free technology." She also claimed she had been using a navigation app during the first incident — which is only legal to use if you're not actually, you know, poking at it while driving through downtown Oakland. KRON4 had all the drama at the top of the 8 p.m. hour, where Quan was able to laugh it off. Just another local citizen, caught behaving badly:

How long until we find out Quan has been squandering the Oakland city budget on a crippling Candy Crush addiction?

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