A man living in a top-floor unit on Webster Street between Hayes and Fell saw the second stray bullet in a year come crashing through a front window Sunday night, lodging in a wall. He took his story straight to the Chron's resident exasperation machine C.W. Nevius, of course.

The source of the bullet is unclear, but the man, Larry Weikle, who says he can't move in this housing market because he's paying $2,200 for a two-bedroom, thinks there's an unidentified "group" of ne'er-do-wells who come into the neighborhood and "light the place up" on a regular basis.

Previously, another bullet came through the same window last July 3, lodging in the ceiling. And...

Weikle says during the same Sunday night incident, another bullet came into his neighbor's house, traveled the length of his hall and smacked into the wall at the other end of the apartment.

"He could have been shot in his own home," Weikle said.

Then he has to take it here:

It all has Weikle wondering if the passionate local protesters have their priorities straight.

"I see people protesting Google buses and all this extraneous stuff," he said. "Protecting personal life is a little more important."

There was a report of shots fired right at Weikle's corner four days before last July's stray bullet incident, and a year ago February the same corner, Hayes and Webster, was the site of a fatal shooting of a 23-year-old man.

In the same Alamo Square/Western Addition vicinity, a woman was shot by a stray bullet at McAllister and Divisadero a year ago, and another stray bullet the same night, likely from the same gunman, went through an apartment wall and lodged in one of Patrick Morrow's Lonely Planet guides. Various other shootings have been reported in the vicinity, including a deadly one at Grove and Buchanan about 18 months ago.