At its Worldwide Developer Conference today, Apple unveiled a new OS update, but the most important thing had to do with changes to iMessage that are going to make it much cooler to use. However, as nerds will lament, there was nothing so exciting as an iWatch announced today.

Changes in iOS 8 include some modifications to iMessage that bring in some popular features from apps like WhatsApp, SnapChat, and Facebook Messenger. As iDownload and others are reporting, the improved iMessage will allow you name a group chat, add or remove people from it, and enable the Do Not Disturb feature just for that chat as soon as you want to stop having your phone buzz every time one of your chatty friends decides to LOL to the whole group.

Also, taking a cue from SnapChat, there's a new quicker way to send a photo by just pressing and holding the camera icon, and there's a feature where you can set an expiration time that will delete the photo from your friend's phone in a matter of minutes. That new feature, as well as the group-chat improvements, won't work if the person you're texting is an Android user, though.

In other news, Apple unveiled the new OS 10.10 Yosemite. It includes a new feature allowing you to make iPhone calls from a Mac, and something called Handoff, that allows activities to be seamlessly handed off from another device, like an iPad, via the cloud to a laptop and vice versa.

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