Madison Young (link is likely NSFW) wears a lot of hats: artistic director, sex educator, student, porn performer and director, mother, and author. She'll be in this last role tonight, when she appears at The Booksmith to discuss her recently-published memoir, Daddy.

In Daddy, Young examines the "relationships with the men in her life from the fraught relationship with her biological father to the BDSM 'leather daddies' that lead her on a journey of sexual revelation, both on and off camera." Described by Salon as an "intensely personal journey told with brutal honesty about everything from jealousy over her porn-performing partner’s on-screen lovers to balancing motherhood with her private kinky sex life," in Daddy Young dishes the dirt on the real-life challenges of the adult industry, as well as shares some juicy gossip from behind-the-scenes of local porn producer

Tonight, Young (who describes herself as "a sex positive Tasmanian devil") is expected to read from Daddy, answer your questions, and to sign some books. Intrigued by her story but unable to make tonight's event? You can order Daddy here.

What: Madison Young: Daddy
When: 7:30 PM
Where: The Booksmith
Cost: Free