This is funny: Google's mostly failed attempt at creating a Facebook-killing social network may not have been done any favors by having co-founder Sergey Brin involved in the project. As Brin told an audience at the Recode conference yesterday, not being much of a socially inclined person himself, he probably should not have had a role in the project.

He said, "I don't connect with a lot of people. I'm kind of weirdo. It was probably a mistake for me to be working on anything tangentially related to social to begin with." And he admitted he's "not a very social person."

Now, he's focused his attentions on the nerdier Google X lab, which just unveiled some new photos of its driverless car prototype. (See below.)

Also, hilariously, on the topic of Google Glass, Brin suggested (as only a socially weird person would) that the device is all about "staying in the moment." Because obviously having a face computer on all the time and potentially recording or photographing people without their knowledge is totally a normal, in-the-moment thing for an ostensibly present person to be doing.

He previously has said that he thinks smartphones are "emasculating," because somehow it's more manly to walk around with your computer on your face rather than punching things into a "featureless piece of glass."

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