A dramatic drop in cell phone thefts on Muni may be attributable to increased police presence on busses and trains, or it may be just that fewer people are reporting incidents.

According to a new report by the SFMTA, incidents of cell phone theft have dropped a whopping 77 percent since May 2013, and overall crime on Muni trains is down 30 percent in the same period. The transit agency gives credit for these drops to their partnership with the SFPD and increased visibility of unformed officers on Muni vehicles, as KTVU reports. They also give credit to their public-awareness campaign, encouraging riders to be more vigilant and aware, and not stand near doors playing Candy Crush, completely oblivious that someone is about to snatch their phone out of their hand.

Another possibility, however, is that fewer people have been reporting incidents of theft knowing a) how common these incidents are, and b) that the police are never going to find their phones.

Or, maybe thieves have just gotten bored with iPhone 5's and Samsung Galaxies, and/or their street values have dropped, and they're just waiting for the next generation of phones to arrive with higher cash values on the black market.

All this is occurring just as London Breed and Mark Leno are both trying to get cell phone kill switches written into law, which would potentially further frustrate thieves' efforts.

In any case, great job everyone! And stop playing Candy Crush. It's melting your brain and you've probably wasted too many dollars on extra moves anyway.

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