Suvir Saran's restaurant at the impossible, the inexplicable NEMA finally has a name. It'll be called American Masala, which, according to Inside Scoop, "is meant to refer not only to the Indian spice blend but to 'the magic of masala: the spice you add to life.' "

Well then.

As for the menu, Saran will focus on Indian influences but also branch out into other arenas — e.g., fried chicken, biscuits, and cornbread, and more. He defines American Masala as farm-to-table Californian via an Indian filter. Or, as he calls it, "the food of the planet, through my Indian eyes."

Saran left his Michelin-ranked Devi in Manhattan back in 2012, and focused on his SF spot for the last couple years. Saran was also featured on Top Chef Masters.

Expect American Masala to open this fall.

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