KRON4 News, San Francisco's #1 source of grocery store health code violations and people behaving badly is back at it today, turning their attention from the meat case at Whole Foods to the Safeway in Diamond Heights, where the grocery store scored a measly 66 out of 100 on its latest health inspection.

On April 22, a health inspector dropped by the store at 5290 Diamond Heights Blvd and observed all sorts of unclean behavior that generally should not occur in front of someone in that position. According to Department of Public Health spokesman Richard Lee, the store suffered from "multiple high risk violations" that were bad enough for Lee to personally warn shoppers away from the location.

“I would have concerns about this place," Lee explained. “Let’s say I had a choice of going to this Safeway or another Safeway, I would go to the other ones, but I don’t think it’s unsafe."

The violations, which happened right in front of inspectors, included: employees handling food with dirty hands, unclean or improperly sanitized work surfaces, and food being stored at the wrong temperatures. One inspector even saw a worker drop a food label on the floor before placing it directly on a piece of meat.

According to KRON4's Dan Kerman, who is quickly becoming the Stanley Roberts of grocery stores, the Diamond Heights Safeway has a history of high risk violations. The store says they are currently addressing said issues.

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