Last week we met the San Francisco Zoo's impossibly cute Red Panda. Then we took a look at his posh treehouse abode. Now our favorite Musteloid (sorry, otters, you're yesterday's animal news) has had a chance to move in and explore his surroundings before he officially makes his public debut this weekend. Naturally, there is video.

According to our friends at the Zoo, Mr. Red Panda (who will get a real name this weekend) is more outgoing than most of his species, who tend to be solitary creatures. He seems very interested in people and has "the personality of a very friendly dog," instantly making him a favorite among Zoo (and SFist!) staff. When he runs out of people and stuffed animals to play with, he will, it seems, amuse himself with his own tail.

You can amuse yourself with his antics starting this weekend. Until then, read The Onion's latest stab at San Francisco: "Tiger Always Checked Out Of Local Zoo."

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