Maggotgate 2014 continues today, and KRON4 will not rest until every last larvae has been eliminated from the Noe Valley Whole Foods.

According to KRON4, San Francisco's finest source of bad behavior and maggot-related investigative journalism, the San Francisco Health Department claims Whole Foods did not move fast enough to clean their meat cases.

Whole Foods originally claimed they cleaned out the case several times since whistleblower Marc Melancon first spotted "more than 40" maggots in the meat case. Although Whole Foods claimed at the time there was just one wriggly fly larva in the display case, the Health Department confirmed what everyone already knows: If you see one maggot, there are more somewhere and ordered the meat department to completely clean all the floor sinks and drains, which may have been the source of the problem.

On Tuesday, however, KRON4 and the Health Department inspectors returned to the 24th Street market to find the work had not been done. Whole Foods chalked the oversight up to a miscommunication and promised another cleaning Tuesday night.

Although the Whole Foods claims there was never any public health risk, Melancon felt remorseful about the whole situation and apologized on-air, saying, "Anybody that I can and anybody that I sold meat to." Also, KRON4 would like to remind everyone that Maggotgate 2014 is a story, "you'll only see on KRON4:"

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