Google's self-driving robot cars may have proven themselves to be mostly harmless by making Taco Bell runs and safely delivering the governor to a meeting, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep a skeptical eye on the autonomous vehicles. Perhaps to ease our technophobic minds, Google has released this propaganda piece/informative video of how these robot cars view the world.

In the past two years, Google's official blog notes, the cars have been logging even more miles on the streets of Mountain View, where they've been slowly learning how to deal with real human traffic. At this point, a Google robot car can even identify a cyclist's hand signals, although it stops short of pulling over to a roadside bar and asking for your clothes, boots and motorcycle:

We should also note here that Google upgraded to a more luxury vehicle when they switched to the Lexus SUV instead of the Prius about two years ago. That was probably a smart move because everyone already knows to be wary of Priuses even they do have drivers.

[H/T: Mark Hogan]