Local cyclist Jocelyn Drew had a doubly unfortunate experience with some local bike thieves last week.

After Drew's black and yellow Raleigh was stolen off the front of a Muni bus on Monday, she reported the theft to SFPD and started spreading the word online. (As one does.) Drew almost lucked out when she was notified via Twitter that someone had recognized her bike near 12th and Market; however, when she went to retrieve it, things got ugly.

Via Mission Mission, she explains what happened next:

My bike was stolen (not news, not unique, I know). The real story is when I saw two guys with it on Market/12th. I went up to them, looked at the bike and one of them said “Nice bike, huh?” And I was like, “yeah, it’s mine.”

I picked it up, and started walking away with it. The guys chased me. One knocked me to the ground grabbing the bike, the other fucking pepper sprayed me in the face. EMTs and SFPD (eventually) showed up.

The only bright side to the story is that (hopefully) the police are taking it more seriously because of the felony assault. So, if someone spotted the bike they could contact me or SFPD.

What's more, the Twitter tipster, who tagged along with Drew to help her get her bike back, got pepper sprayed, according to KTVU.

She's hopeful SFPD will track down the two suspects. The Twitter tipster reportedly supplied police with photos of the creeps, which Drew hopes will be used to track down the suspects before they can steal and spray again.