Tonight, it's time to break up your cycle of work-Muni-home-bed by thinking about some of the issues that face women around the world. Don't worry, this is easy, and there will be drinks! Because this evening SparkSF is hosting "Cocktails for a Cause," an event to scrape up dough to benefit girls in rural Northern Pakistan.

SparkSF's goal is, they say, to "increase the overall investment in women’s organizations around the world." They've recently decided to direct some of that investment towards Young Feminists Movement, according to their website, a "group of young women and girls from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and adjacent tribal areas who claim themselves as feminists."

Which, they note, is a lot harder there than it is here, as women in the area face customs like Swara, a 400-year-old practice in which "if there is a conflict between two families, to settle that jirga is called, who decides that a girl from the family who started conflict should be married to the victim’s family member. By doing so, the conflict is solved."

Tonight at Mr. Smith's, you can join SparkSF to "raise a glass, awareness, and funds" for these young women. 100% of proceeds from the event benefit Young Feminists Movement, which clearly has their work cut out for them.

What: Cocktails For A Cause
When: 6 PM-9 PM
Where: Mr. Smith’s, 34 - 7th Street between Market and Stevenson.
Cost: Tickets are available here, starting at $20