Now where did I place that panic button?

For most of us, the first quarter of Monday night's Warriors v. Clippers playoff game was filled with enthusiastic denial. It ended 31-20, Clippers. The second quarter was one of rapidly rising frustration. 67-42, Clippers. By the end of the third quarter, the game became a comedy. 105-73, Clippers. The fourth quarter? Yeah, none of the starters on either team played in that one, but for those counting at home, the Clips bench took a 32 point lead and turned it to 40.

138-98. That was the final score. Of a playoff game.

It was one of those nights where the Clippers could do no wrong and the Warriors could do no right. Blake Griffin was nearly perfect. DeAndre Jordan was a bully. Chris Paul cried, as he does. Klay Thompson had three fouls in the first quarter, Steph Curry didn't score until nearly halftime, and our big men couldn't protect the paint. The Warriors made only 21% of their 3-pointers. And they turned the ball over so, so many times.

Panicking is fine. A game like last night's will do that to a person. Frustration, embarrassment, confusion are all normal emotions to feel today. But let's keep things in perspective. It's a funny thing, perspective. Something can appear sublime or grotesque depending on the vantage point. Last night was ugly, but the Warriors went to L.A., split the two games, coming back to Oakland Thursday night having stolen home court advantage.

The Warriors can figure this out. Steph will adjust to the double, triple coverage. Klay will put up 30-points. Iggy will do something, anything on offense. They'll lock Griffin up in his hotel room. Warriors in six is on schedule.

Game 1: Warriors won, 109-105
Game 2: Clippers won, 138-98
Game 3: Thursday, April 24 at Roaracle Arena, 7:30 PM
Game 4: Sunday, April 27 at Roaracle Arena, 12:30 PM
Game 5: Tuesday, April 29 at L.A., 7:30 PM
Game 6: Thursday, May 1 at Roaracle Arena, (time TBD)(Warriors win series)
Game 7: Saturday, May 3 at L.A. (time TBD)(there will be no Game 7)