And just to show you that we here at SFist are not always about pouring a piping-hot demitasse of venom on Google Glass, the face computer you hate to hate (because, hey, growing old sucks!), the noted tech mammoth announced today a Glass challenge for U.S. nonprofits.

The company has asked nonprofit groups to whip up ideas on how to use the (controversial) eyewear in their work. The five charities that propose the best ideas by May 20th will score a free pair of the glasses, a trip to Google for training and a $25,000 grant to help make their project come to fruition.

What kinds of charities? For starters, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) used Glass in researched used to help protect rhinos and Bengal tigers from poaching. Google blog has more:

"Last year, WWF started exploring how smart eyewear could help further its conservation mission in the Arctic and the Amazon as part of the Giving through Glass Explorer program. Now they’ve brought it to Nepal to see how it could help monitor wild rhinos. Take a peek:

"Rhino monitoring can be a slow process, especially in habitats with tricky terrain, but data collection is crucial for making the right conservation decisions. Most parts of Chitwan National Park are inaccessible to vehicles, so Sabita and her team ride in on elephants, and have been collecting health and habitat data using pencil and paper.

"Now custom-built Glassware (the Glass version of apps) called Field Notes can help [Sabita Malla, a senior research officer at World Wildlife Fund] do her work hands-free instead of gathering data in a notebook. That’s helpful for both accuracy and safety when you’re on an elephant. Using voice commands, Sabita and other researchers can take photos and videos, and map a rhino’s location, size, weight, and other notable characteristics. The notes collected can also be automatically uploaded to a shared doc back at the office, making it easier to collaborate with other researchers, and potentially a lot faster than typing up handwritten notes."

Nonprofits, you can share your ideas at by 11:59 PDT on May 20, 2014.