Don't you feel like you need a kick in the pants tonight? I don't know, maybe it's the candy or the 4/20ness or the concussion from the Big Wheel race, but we're all a little draggy (and not in the fun way) today, yeah? That's why SFist is prescribing a trip to the Uptown for what's billed as "San Francisco’s biggest and wildest burlesque show," Hubba Hubba Revue.

Described as "a mix of irreverent comedy, classic striptease and circus and variety acts," HHR just might be the jump-start your week (or something!) needs. Tonight's lineup includes performers Polly Pony Girl, Elle Emme & Boy Toy, Lula Applebruise, Bramani Quinn, Mojo DeVille, Empress Mo, Darla Tiesing Cox and Suzil Von Schtupt.

Still not sure? Then check out the video below for a Hubba Hubba taste, and take a look at their galleries for photos from past events.

What: Hubba Hubba Revue
When: Doors open at 9 PM, show is at 10:15
Where: The Uptown, 1928 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland (one block from 19th Street BART)
Cost: $5, or you can get advance tickets for $10