By all accounts, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence managed to get at least a thousand people over to Hellman Hollow in Golden Gate Park for their annual Hunky Jesus Contest — an event which would normally happen in Dolores Park but, you know, half of it is now a big pile of dirt. This was actually the 35th annual Easter celebration by the Sisters, and they dubbed it their Emerald Jubilee, with an Easter in Oz theme.

As always, there was a parade of elaborate Easter bonnets on the heads of the drag queen nuns, and this year they decided to add a Foxy Mary contest to the mix. But, obviously, everyone came to see the controversial, always amusing beauty contest of holy man flesh known as Hunky Jesus.

Check out the photos, many of them taken by Sister Ambrosia Discordia, and featuring local drag performer Honey Mahogany and MC Sister Roma. (Pst, there's a bare butt in here, so it's semi-SFW!)