Two women have turned up dead around Mt. Tamalpais in less than a week. Most recently, 50-year-old Marie Sanner of Mill Valley was found inside a drainage ditch Thursday evening after her father called to report her missing. Meanwhile, 33-year-old Magdalena Glinkowski was missing for nearly two weeks before her body was found near a trailhead parking lot.

Here's what we know so far: Sanner went out on a hike with a friend and her dog after dark on Wednesday, NBC Bay Area reports. At some point the two separated, so Sanner headed back to her car parked near Mountain Home Inn. The Marin County Sheriff’s office did not know why the two split up, but the dog did make it back to the car. Sanner did not. Her body was found on Thursday.

Glinkowski, who hailed from Menlo Park, was reported missing on March 30. Her body was found near the parking lot for the Bootjack trail on April 12. According to the sheriff's depart, there were no signs of trauma, but they have yet to get back the toxicology results.

At this point, authorities do not believe the two deaths to be related.

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