Because the city is running out of people to honor on the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake, this year San Francisco named noted angel investor, tech lobbyist and Ed Lee crutch Ron Conway as an "honorary survivor" of the Great Earthquake of 1906.

“It’s a new name and we are happy to have him," PR agent and event coordinator Lee Housekeeper told the Examiner. "The tech people are getting more involved with traditional San Francisco.” SFist could not immediately confirm Conway's birth date via a casual googling, so we can only assume the venture capitalist is actually a time-traveling warlock. The honorific is also nod to a unspecified donation Conway made to help pay for yesterday's commemorative luncheon at John's Grill, which Conway did not attend, possibly due to prior engagements elsewhere in time and space. (Try not to think about it too hard.) Update: SFist reader Vicky says Conway was, in fact, present at Thursday's event, although the Examiner reported otherwise.

The two remaining survivors of the earthquake, 112-year-old Ruth Newman and 108-year-old William del Monte stayed home during yesterday's festivities, as well as the annual ceremony that took place at Lotta's Fountain. In their place was an antique black dress that someone had worn to the opera on the night before the earthquake. As you may have noticed, Great Quake refugees were surprisingly well dressed.

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