Rumors that Twitter would completely re-do its look for the benefit of the less tweet-savvy folks came true today as the company began rolling out a new design and profile look meant to showcase your best tweets.

High-profile users like First Lady Michelle Obama, male stripper Channing Tatum, and '90s rock outit Weezer are already sporting the new look, which cribs a bit from Facebook with a large cover photo and a larger profile picture. A user's key information floats over the top as you scroll through their timeline and emphasizes visuals over the text that has made the service what it is.

The new layout also allows users to pin their favorite or most important tweets to the top of their timeline. Other vanity changes include a slightly larger look to a user's best tweets and the ability to filter someone's timeline by all Tweets, Tweets with photos and videos or Tweets with @ replies.

Current users should start seeing the new layout appear on their profiles in the coming days, but new users will start seeing it immediately upon signup, because it's all about the user acquisition. Expect the backlash to come from the power users starting Tuesday morning and probably fading away by Tuesday afternoon.

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