Thirty years later, it's still not entirely clear what the Pet Shop Boys' smash hit "West End Girls" was really about. There's something about TS Eliot, something else about the British class system, then "faces on posters/too many choices," I guess? Perhaps enlightenment awaits tonight, in Oakland.

For that is where the Pet Shop Boys will be, indubitably performing WEG and their numerous other hits of the '80s and '90s. They have critically acclaimed music from this millennium, too, apparently, as their comprehensive Wikipedia entry explains at great length. Will they sound better or worse to you now then they did then (when you, like I, were surely but an infant)? Have they changed, or have you?

These existential questions, and more, might be raised and or put to rest at the Fox Theater tonight, when the Pet Shop Boys are scheduled to appear at 8 PM. "It's a Sin" to miss it ha ha ha!

What: The Pet Shop Boys' 2014 Tour
When: 8 PM
Where: The Fox Theater, 1807 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
Cost: $49.50 balcony, $65 mezzanine. Buy tickets online here or at the Fox's box office between 12-7 PM.