Last Saturday on Fulton Street, a man stepped out to smoke and noticed a blinking machine in the middle of the street. He approached it, examined it, found that it was a rather expensive looking quadcopter drone, and decided to take it inside.

True, it might have been crushed by a car had he not taken it in, but the wisdom of his choice was quickly questioned by his girlfriend and her housemates when they realized they had someone's remote listening and filming device in their living room. They managed to shut the power off and disable its wifi, and the girlfriend posted an ad about the found drone on Craigslist. Also, she wrote about it for The Bold Italic. Because it's creepy and a little bit too future-y to handle.

So for now, I guess I’m holding a drone captive. It’s currently perched on my mantel, simultaneously scaring and irritating me. I even had a nightmare that it was hovering over my head while I slept and when I woke up...

So who was flying this drone around Alamo Square Saturday night? What were they up to besides some nerdy shenanigans? Peeking in windows to see if they saw some boobies? Checking up on an ex?

Did they lose track of it somehow? Did the battery wear down after a flight halfway across town? Did they just get drunk/stoned and lose control of the thing? It's worth about $1200 so someone probably wants it back, but maybe they're afraid of being arrested for what they were filming?

In any event, stories like this are, sadly, probably going to keep cropping up as our city is full of nerds with money now. And drones.

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