That was some rain, huh? Trees and stuff fell down. I heard of some random intermittent power outages. And I, for one, was duped by a lull in the rain around 7:15 and started walking from SoMa to the Mission only to be struck with a deluge a few minutes later, resulting in having to blow-dry my jeans before dinner.

I should probably invest in an umbrella before Friday, which is when another little storm system is heading our way. Early morning showers could escalate through early afternoon, with things clearing up, probably, by late Friday. Then Saturday will bring some sunshine and highs in the 60s, with temperatures hitting 70 and above come Sunday. I'd recommend finding a boat to tool around in in the Bay. Or a trip to wine country, with the Bearstronaut Pandora station on in the car.

Allegedly, and this I can't understand, all that Biblical rain yesterday only amounted to three quarters of an inch? That's what some rain-measurers have said. But over in the East Bay it got up over an inch. So yay for making a dent in the drought finally!

Extended forecasts point to a sunny, mild week next week, with just a small chance of a touch more rain a week from Sunday. But who trusts extended forecasts?