Taking a cue from Lady Gaga's latest performance piece/Doritos product placement opportunity, opponents of corporate shuttle buses in Oakland stepped up their protests this morning by climbing atop a Yahoo shuttle at the MacArthur BART station and vomiting on the windshield.

The protest began around 7:30 a.m. this morning when a group of 50 or so activists organized by anti-gentrification/anti-police state/anti-tech industry group Defend the Bay Area blocked a shuttle with banners reading "LOVE THE BAY, BLOCK THE BUS" and "CAPITAL IS THE DRIVER. GENTRIFICATION is the VEHICLE. TECHIES ON THE BUS" [sic?] Several protesters were seen climbing on top of a Yahoo-branded shuttle before one reportedly pulled the trigger on the bus windshield:

According to activists posting after the event on Indybay.org, shuttles from Apple, Google and Yahoo were stalled for over half an hour before BART PD and Oakland Police officers could move demonstrators off the street. At one point, the performance art turned even more morbid, when a person dressed as death arrived to "offer Google employees a ride to work in a hearse."