Over the weekend, some of you might have attended The Drag Queens of Comedy show, which played to a near-sellout house for two consecutive shows at the Castro Theater on Saturday. One of the featured queens was current Rupaul's Drag Race contestant and New York City performer Bianca Del Rio, who, if you've seen the show, can be a pretty sharp-tongued bitch. Well, her number involved making fun of some racial and ethnic stereotypes, because if nothing else drag queens like to be un-PC. But she did a follow-up performance on the tiny stage at The Café, and at least one San Franciscan was offended. And came up on stage to grab the microphone. Oh no she betta don't.

Every season needs an older and wiser and cleverer queen, of course, but Bianca's been one of the quickest and wittiest in several seasons, and definitely one of the more unapologetically hateful, making for obviously delightful television. (Please reference last night's episode of the backstage post-show Untucked when she outright asked Trinity K. Bonet what she thinks she's actually good at.)

In the above clip, Bianca was confronted by an offended member of the gay Latino community who apparently is not a fan of South Park-style humor, and did not realize that comedians and drag queens in other parts of the country actually say offensive stuff all the time without reprimands from the PC police.

In other news, someone on Wikipedia is keeping a brilliant bracket-type-thing going showing all the various wins, landings in the bottom two, and eliminations from Season 6 of Drag Race, for your reference. Bianca, after 18 years in the business and experience as a professional costume designer, has the highest overall standing.