Elsewhere in the country it seems that the pastry offerings from Bay Area-based La Boulange, which replaced Starbucks' previous baked-item array over the past year in different regional rollouts, are too small and expensive compared to what Starbucks used to sell, according to loyal customers. In response to widespread customer complaints, Starbucks will be bringing back their sliced loaf-cakes, like the pumpkin and iced lemon one, albeit with slightly changed recipes because they'll be baked by La Boulange.

This all comes after Starbucks acquired the regional bakery-cafe chain for $100 million in 2012, in an effort to upgrade their pastry offerings and set themselves apart from other chains like McDonald's and Burger King, who are also getting into the breakfast business — not to mention Dunkin Donuts, which is in expansion mode.

As Bloomberg reports, the rollouts of La Boulange baked goods, like croissants and new, slightly healthier scones, have been met with disappointment on Yelp and Twitter, and Starbucks is quickly paying attention. Bloomberg caught at least one customer saying of the croissants, they "taste “a little bit like croissants you might get on an airplane." Yikes.

Maybe Starbucks should have bought Tartine instead? Okay okay, calm down. That would never happen. Shhh.