Almost as soon as the news broke that California State Senator Leland Yee had been arrested, graphic journalist Susie Cagle snapped into action. Enthralled by the many cinematic details of the lengthy criminal complaint, Cagle went on a tear, illustrating (all too real, we fear) scenes from the lives of Yee, arrested political consultant Keith Jackson, and of course, Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow.

Could these be posters for The Senator and Shrimp Boy, a movie title I just made up but any major studio has my permission to use? (Side note: can someone please find the Chinese Francis Capra to play Shrimp Boy? Because, come on, that guy is so Weevil.) We can only hope. Until then, enjoy.

These illustrations are owned by Susie Cagle and are licensed to SFist. Please contact her for permission if you wish to reuse them.