This morning at the now-infamous corner of 24th and Valencia Streets, a group of colorful protestors dressed in clown suits again blocked a Google Shuttle bus on its morning commute.

According to Chronicle reporter Ellen Huet, SFPD broke up the dance number by moving protestors onto the sidewalk, but not before a glittery man on stilts and a woman with a fake set of Google Glass. Local photographer Steve Rhodes reports fake "Gmuni" passes and bus route maps were handed out, although the shuttle driver wasn't allowing anyone on the bus.

The protest was timed to coincide with today's Board of Supervisor's meeting, where bus opponents will appeal the SFMTA-approved pilot program to charge $1 per bus per stop. The appeal comes from a group of housing and labor activists and argues that the city should have performed a CEQA study to determine the environmental impact of the shuttle buses before moving forward with the pilot program. Under the California Environmental Quality Act, shuttle bus emissions and displacement of residents are both considered an impact on the environment. Other groups, like the left-leaning League of Pissed Off Voters, are simply asking for shuttle companies to pay their fair share or consider using alternative loading zones rather than blocking Muni stops.

In the meantime, the dance-protestors (who rehearsed ahead of time in a dance studio) did the can-can: