The house music and DJ communities lost a legend yesterday. Producer and DJ Frankie Knuckles passed away at the age of 59, and there's been a lot of mourning him on Facebook and Twitter. He earned the moniker "The Godfather of House Music," and he even has an honorary street named after him in Chicago, where he first rose to fame in the 70s.

Per Gawker:

Born in the Bronx in 1955, Knuckles first began DJing in New York alongside Larry Levan. He then moved to Chicago in the 1970's to become the premiere DJ at The Warehouse, the nightclub that would birth the dance music genre "house." Knuckles then opened up his own club, The Power Plant, in 1983. Knuckles was also a producer on such famous songs as James Power's "Your Love" and "Baby Wants to Ride."

Above, an early '90s Knuckles classic, "The Whistle Song."