Local drag star Vivvyanne Forevermore, a.k.a. Mica Sigourney, the host of the weekly Friday night shindig at the Stud known as SomeThing, got a residency at SoMArts as part of their 2014 Commons Curatorial Residency, and tonight is the opening of the resulting exhibition, Work MORE! Sigourney paired drag performers with non-drag artists to create new work, and tonight they'll be showing it off at a free opening party that includes an "interactive" drag show.

As Sigourney explains, "Work MORE! #6 situates San Francisco’s avant-garde and traditional drag practices within a gallery space, re-contextualizing the artistry, aesthetics and forms that are ever-present and continually evolving in San Francisco’s nightlife venues."

The fun starts at 7 p.m. and goes til 10, and will include performances by some or all of the following: DJ Carrie On Disco, Sugah Betes, Lydia Brunch (Kolmel WithLove), Sue Casa, Mutha Chucka, Dam Dyke, Fauxnique (Monique Jenkinson), U-PHORIA Glitter (Peter Griggs), Mona G. Hawd (Maryam Rostami), Dean Disaster, Lil Miss Hot Mess (Harris David Harris), and Coco Kahlo.

Let there be art. And drag.

SoMArts Cultural Center - 934 Brannan Street - more info here