More actual rain is coming. Like, days of it. Really. Like you might even get tired of it this time, because it's going to last, possibly, from tomorrow all the way through the weekend. So, sorry to all those of you who got drunk on sun last weekend and started getting ambitious with the barbecue plans and backyard baby showers. Everything will need to be moved indoors.

Earlier reports put the first showers this morning, during commute hours, but it appears they're rolling in later than that. But what we're in for are several consecutive weather systems that will last at least through Thursday, with a few periods of heavy rain and some further relief from this no-good, miserable but nevertheless pleasantly sunny drought we've been suffering.

If you trust Accuweather, as opposed to the Chron, then we should see some sun again on Thursday and into Friday, with just the merest possibility of more rain on Saturday. If you're a Tahoe snow watcher, these guys are predicting anywhere between 6 and 18 inches in various areas and at different elevations, with the largest accumulations on the west side of the lake by the weekend. This could at least mean some last-minute spring skiing and relief for all those who have been kicking themselves for dumping money into a Tahoe share again this winter after they were sorely disappointed the last two winters.

Long story short, if you did your spring cleaning and stowing away of all your winter rain and cold gear over this past weekend, you jumped the gun. Haul it all back out, especially any warm, waterproof, hooded items, because temps will probably dip into the 40s before all this is said and done.